Gin and Mead Gift Pack

Gin and Mead Gift Pack


Spread a little joy with a Craft Lah mead and gin gift pack. This selection of locally produced gin and 2 types of mead is a perfect way to send a little joy to someone during these trying times. Why not try mixing the mead and gin (3:1) to create a delicious sparkling gin cocktail.


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Gin gift pack contains:

2 x Citi Brew Honeymoon Hopped Mead 4.5% ABV

2 x Citi Brew Rosé Hibiscus Mead 4.5% ABV

1 x N.I.P. Gin 43% ABV


Not suitable for vegans - contains honey


Gift packs come boxed with a Craft Lah seal. To schedule a delivery for a particular day, please contact us.

  • Citi Brew Honeymoon Hopped Mead

    Honeymoon Hopped Mead is a light sparkling mead made from locally produced Longan honey.  It has a slightly sweet, very clean tasting quality which allows the delicate flavours from the honey to shine through. The addition of hops provide a subtle citrus and floral note which perfectly balances the natural sweetness of this mead. 

    Citi Brew Rosé Hibiscus Mead

    This sparkling pink mead is made from locally sourced Longan honey, roses and a truckload of organic dried hibiscus flowers. The addition of rose and hibiscus provides the lovely pink colour to this mead while providing fresh fruity and slight floral notes balanced by slightly tart hibiscus  which make this a refreshing drink to enjoy with friends any time of the year. 

    N.I.P Gin

    Inspired by the city’s origin, N.I.P combines traditional botanicals of distilled gin with local flavours and aromas to create a unique Hong Kong spirit. The characteristic gin flavour of piney juniper berries is highlighted by the tangy aged tangerine peels.  This is complemented by the elegance and citrus of kumquat and the sweetness and lingering aromas of Shoumei tea. This meticulously crafted gin brings forth a complex yet balanced combination of flavours.