Sour Pack

Sour Pack


4 of our most popular sour beers together for those that enjoy them! This pack features: 


1 x Yardley x Carbon Red Beard's Reserve

1 x Carbon Sour Punch

1 x Yardley's Thai Chilli Getaway Sour

1 x Deadman's Duchess Night Out

1 x Craft Lah bottle opener

  • Yardley's Red Beard's Reserve

    Red Beard's Reserve (375ml bottle) is reddish brown colour in colour with a sour aroma and hints of fruit. Delicate notes of wine from the barrel aging process. Sour berry flavours leads into a bittersweet after-taste from the rum and Beaujolais barrels. It is a very well balanced sour with a pleasant warming alcohol sensation from rum barrels. Try it as a digestif after a meal or try pairing with hard cheeses for a grown up dessert.

    7.5% ABV

    Carbon Brews Sour Punch

    Aromas of raspberry and guava dominate this Berliner Weisse whilst hints of tropical fruit punch like passion fruit and mango subtly come through. The traditional sour characteristic of this beer accentuates the tropical fruit notes delivering a refreshingly dry finish. In the glass the beer has a haze from the wheat and a pink hue from the generous addition of fruit.

    4.5% ABV


    Deadman's Duchess Night Out

    Duchess Night Out is a Flanders inspired sour red ale. The addition of raspberries and cherry dominate the flavour but are balanced by a slight biscuity malty flavour. The sourness of this ale comes from a mix of lactic and acetic acid naturally produced in the fermentation process. Pairs well with creamy pasta dishes and rich comfort foods.

    6% ABV


    Yardley's Thai Chilli Getaway Sour

    Yardley's Thai Chilli Getaway Sour has an aroma of herbaceous basil with a tingling hint of chilli. Thai basil notes hit the palate first leading into a refreshing sour beer with a noticable warming chilli kick that builds as you drink it. Lingering aniseed flavours from the Thai basil are present but not overpowering and balance well with of the chilli build up.  This would pair well with slightly greasier Thai appetizers such as fried spring rolls or fish cakes but avoid spicy foods as the chilli build up may be too intense on the palate. Would also work well with sweet creamy coconut or dairy based desserts which would balance the palate. 

    6% ABV